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Emmanuel Hoog

Emmanuel Hoog

CEO of AFP (2010-2018)

2017: Building the future today

For several years, we have focused on two major development priorities: video and making our turnover more international.

In 2017, the Agency's relaunch and development strategy was exceptionally ambitious. In a media sector suffering a deep slump, we aimed to win 1,000 clients in five years, while still maintaining our base of nearly 5,000 clients worldwide! We have already gained 200 new clients, beating our targets. Among these clients were the BBC, Spanish regional TV network Forta, BBG (Voice of America, Radio Free Europe, Radio Free Asia, Otis…)

In 2017, we stepped up our efforts to adapt our products to global needs and customs, notably with the launch of API (Application Programming Interface). Here is one figure to back that up: a 29-percent increase in video turnover.

In 2017, all our teams understood the need to make an unprecedented effort to rein in our costs (-0.6 percent compared to 2016), without ever putting at risk our mission to inform. Even better, we are not only completely fulfilling these missions but constantly reinventing them. For several years, the Agency has been in a virtuous cycle of controlling its costs that it will continue. And the company has fought alongside other media firms -- both at a European level and in France -- for the recognition of neighbouring rights, with the aim of achieving a fairer division of the proceeds from online news in the face of the omnipresent and omnipotent GAFA.

In 2017, AFP continued to roll out its company agreement, signed by more than 70 percent of union members, with a follow-up committee that also includes unions that did not sign up.

In 2017, AFP journalists became involved in debates and measures -- up to the level of the European Union -- concerning the runaway phenomenon of fake news, which has become embedded in democratic life both in France and abroad. The question of how we treat women in copy and in all the Agency's production was handled in a series of recommendations that have been added to our ethics and good practices charters which we recently drew up and frequently update.

In 2017, conscious of its civic role, AFP has been involved -- either alone or with partners -- in programmes to educate the media. This contributes, in its own way, to creating freedom of expression.